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Ep. 32 | Heartfelt and Mindful: A Conversation about Obesity with a Cardiologist and a Behavioral Dietitian

Dr. Nina Crowley and interventional cardiologist Dr. Arasi Maran engage in a co-hosted podcast for “Reboot with Dr. Arasi Maran” and “In the Know with Nina” about a behavioral approach to obesity, the role of body composition over BMI in obesity care, and the impact of anti-obesity medications for cardiologists and the growing need for education and comprehensive, interdisciplinary care teams in managing obesity together. The conversation highlights the importance of evidence-based practice, emphasizing the patient values and provider experience in addition to the best available evidence, as well as the growing need for better guidelines and education in the field of obesity medicine for all healthcare providers.


Check out Dr. Arasi Maran’s website https://drarasimaran.com/ and listen to her podcast, ‘Reboot with Dr. Arasi Maran’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8_kWqEaMTI

Ep. 31 | Bridging the Gap between Medicine and Fitness

In this conversation, Dr. Nina Crowley interviews Jeff Young, an expert in strength and conditioning and exercise programming, who is speaking about building the bridge between medicine and fitness at the upcoming Obesity Medicine Association Meeting in Denver. They explore the importance of incorporating exercise programming into medical treatment plans to ensure comprehensive care and the need for standardized terminology in the fitness industry. They also discuss the challenges of building trust and collaboration between healthcare professionals and fitness professionals. The conversation emphasizes the importance of creating informed consumers and the role of education in both the medical and fitness fields. They also touch on the significance of individualized metrics and body composition assessment in tracking progress and making adjustments, especially as it relates to significant weight loss seen with medical and surgical obesity treatments.

Ep. 30 | Weight Health in Cystic Fibrosis: A Comprehensive Approach using Body Composition

Dr. Nina Crowley and Cystic Fibrosis Dietitian Sara Hendrix discuss how new drugs for Cystic Fibrosis are revolutionizing health, longevity, and nutrition absorption, leading to a shift in health concerns. While malnutrition and underweight were historically primary issues, advancements in treatment have led to overweight and obesity becoming new challenges. Body composition, focusing on fat mass and fat-free mass, is now crucial for clinical outcomes. They also address the hurdles of physical activity, the psychological effects of weight gain, and the need to combat weight bias. The conversation concludes with the benefits of implementing body composition testing for CF patients.

Ep. 29 | Achieving Excellence in Surgical and Medical Standards of Obesity Care

Dr. Nina Crowley interviews Carah Horn, the metabolic and bariatric surgery coordinator at Bayfront Health in St. Petersburg, Florida. Carah discusses their recent MBSAQIP accreditation site visit, emphasizing the integration of surgical and medical components in their program. They stress the importance of personalized treatment plans, continuity of care, and including behavioral support and exercise for long-term success. Carah highlights the data collected on patients, focusing on outcomes like weight change, comorbidity resolution, and body fat percentage. Carah’s team is excited to incorporate body composition analysis in their program. She emphasizes the importance of a collaborative approach between medical and surgical arms to address obesity comprehensively.

Ep. 28 | Navigating Changes around Menopause and Body Composition

Dr. Nina Crowley engages in a critical conversation with Dr. Emily Dhurandhar, Chief Scientific Officer of Obthera about the impact of menopause on body changes and well-being. Dr. Dhurandhar provides valuable insights into Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), highlighting its cardioprotective effects and its role in redistributing body fat. The conversation delves into the physiological changes during menopause, emphasizing the importance of adapting and changing up nutrition and physical activity regimens, even if they have been working well over the years. They explore the significance of routine check-ups and body composition assessments to monitor changes and make a data-informed approach to navigating the challenges of menopause, promoting mental health, and addressing concerns related to body composition and muscle mass.

Connect with Emily on LinkedIN: emily-dhurandhar-b1743b53  
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Ep. 27 | Advocate for Optimal Obesity Care

In this conversation, Dr. Nina Crowley, discusses Obesity Care Week (March 4-8, 2024) with James Zervios, VP and Chief of Staff for the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC). #ObesityCareWeek will focus on the ‘5 Principles of Obesity’ and advocating for the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act on Capitol Hill. They discuss the importance of addressing weight bias in healthcare, the complexity of insurance processes, and the role of comprehensive care teams. James also highlights OAC’s regional events and the significance of community engagement. The conversation ends with a call to action for healthcare providers to participate in Obesity Care Week by signing up for alerts and advocating for change at www.obesitycareweek.org

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