Functional/Integrative Medicine

Modern medicine allows innovative clinical strategies to combat the growing burden of age-related disease and improve health. Functional and integrative medicine therapies to heal the mind, body, and spirit seek to identify and treat the underlying root causes and promote optimal wellness. Monitoring body composition serves as an adjunct to therapies and can contribute to longer, better lives.

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Importance of Body Composition

Increasing muscle mass and cellular health, decreasing fat mass, and maintaining healthy water ratios are core parameters key to helping maintain a youthful appearance and energy levels. The ability to track data and get feedback on body composition is vital to maintaining patient motivation and commitment to treatments designed to prevent disease and optimize wellness.

seca’s mBCA provides the perfect tool to quickly, accurately, and comfortably give the patient and practitioner access to the data they need to stay on track and monitor progress throughout the treatment journey.

Selected Parameters for Functional and Integrative Medicine

Fat Mass Percentage

Fat mass percent is the proportion of fat mass making up body weight and is important as programs target changes in body composition and reducing body fat

Visceral Adipose Tissue

Validated with whole-body MRI, VAT is an important parameter to estimate the unhealthy fat located around the abdominal organs which has an impact on metabolic health.

Phase Angle

Phase Angle is a measure of cellular health, integrity and distribution of water within the cell, and decreases with age. A low Phase Angle is associated with decreased muscle and malnutrition.

Bioelectric Impedance Vector Analysis (BIVA)

A bioelectric impedance vector analysis (BIVA) plots the direct measurements of reactance and resistance and is a visual way to see hydration and body cell mass

Skeletal Muscle Mass

Muscle mass declines as we age so visualizing levels in comparison to a reference group helps to establish baseline and monitor trends as patients work to preserve or increase muscle mass

Skeletal Muscle Mass Over Age

Protecting muscle mass as we age is important and showing the trajectory as we age can motivate patients to begin strength training


Water is the largest body component and varies by gender and age, approximately 2/3 is intracellular and 2/3 is extracellular. Muscles are made up of more water than fat, so water levels will vary based on body composition.


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