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seca mBCA 554

Years of experience from research collaborations and working together with medical experts guarantee the highest precision and accuracy exemplified in the seca mBCA 554. Validated by medical studies, the analyzer provides modern, cloud-based software, and innovative height measurement with ultrasound technology. With its improved graphic modules, it draws an accurate and comprehensive assessment picture of an individual the body's composition in seconds and makes bioimpedance analysis an even more valuable support for therapy and diagnosis.

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Quick Facts

Accurate and Repeatable Measurements

The 554 is designed so that every time a measurement is performed all variables are repeatable & reproducible, by providing fixed points of contact, and an accurate ultrasonic height measurements. Our peer-reviewed validation studies confirms our output parameters s are precise, accurate, and reliable.

Patient-Centered Design

The 554 is designed with your patients in mind. We have provided a wider base and fixed handrails to ensure all patients feel comfortable and secure when they step on our device. The live handrail offers additional support & stability for those in need, without compromising the integrity of the measurement.

Cloud Based Reporting

Through our easy to use seca Analytics 125 software*, the 554 is able to provide patients and practitioners an easy to use cloud-based reporting system.

*Software fees apply

Product Features

Ultrasonic Height Rod

Fixed Handrail Positions

Up to 800 lbs Weight Capacity

Analytics 125

Our Cloud based reporting software, gives you and your patient access to all results 24/7. This allows the patients to choose if they’d like to review their results digitally or receive the old fashioned print out. 

Our easy-to-read visuals, and customization capabilities will make it easier than ever for you to focus on the true goals of your treatment plans and discuss the next steps while adjusting goals after each measurement.

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