The Embodiment of Evidence-Based Practice in Body Composition Assessment

seca is committed to embodying evidence-based practice as a cornerstone of our philosophy and business. Not only do we incorporate the best available body composition research evidence, but we also consider patient preferences and our clinicians experience in designing and functionality of our body composition solutions.

Peer Reviewed Validations for Accurate Results

Efficient Clinical Process to Communicate Results

Patient-Friendly Design and Workflows

How Does Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Work?

Measuring body composition (the amount of body mass made up of muscle, fat, water, etc) is essential to optimize individual health and care.
Several methods of measuring body composition exist, and all have pros and cons and practical applications in various settings. Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) is a validated method to measure the difference in electrical conductivity between the body’s muscle and fat tissue.

Success Stories

Atlantic Exercise Physiology

Physical therapists love the visual outputs on our reports which help their patients look at their overall quality of body composition and make adjustments for exercise and nutrition.

Novant Health Bariatric Program

Learn how weight management programs use body composition assessment before and after treatment to determine the extent of disease, provide trending, and make sure patients are losing fat and maintaining or increasing muscle mass.

BodEnvy Medispa

See how BodEnvy helps their clients see beyond weight into what is going on in their body. seca’s body composition device provides objective data, support, accountability, and excitement to keep clients inspired to keep up their efforts to improve health.

Direct Primary Care Healthcare

When providers partner with patients, everyone wins. Hear from a patient who was able to have a total lifestyle change, come of several medications, and change her body composition. Patients love seeing the data and improvements to their metrics and providers enjoy the satisfaction of seeing changes in body composition with their treatment recommendations.

Visualize Changes in the Body

Analytics 125

Comprehensive Services for Comprehensive Practices

Accuracy/Validation Studies

seca's validation studies are validated against whole-body MRI, 4 compartment (4C) model, Sodium Bromide (NaBr), and Deuterium Dilaution (D₂0) methods, in different ethnicities, and for individuals with obesity.

Seamless Customer Support

We value our relationship with our customers and provide you with your own Customer Success Manager, as your point of contact, to ensure that your expectations are met from initial interest to long term use of our devices.

Professional Outreach and Education

Our Professional Affiliations and Education Manager ensures that seca is at the cutting edge of what’s happening in professional organizations, and provides education and personal consultancy services to potential and future customers to ensure full understanding and ability to interpret results with patients.

German Manufacturing/Warranty

seca proudly has been making medical measurement systems since 1840 and is committed to precision in health as a core value. This commitment extends to a 4 year warranty and less than 1% default rates that we stand behind.

Easy-to-Use Customizable Reporting

To facilitate both interpretation by practitioners and understanding by patients, seca utilizes a cloud-based software system (seca Analytics 125) to present results of body composition testing. Results can be customized to select the ideal parameters to best motivate patients.

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