A body composition analyzer that delivers medically precise results.

seca mBCA 514

The mBCA 514 from seca breaks down weight into several compartments that are important for medical purposes. The seca mBCA 514 is a medical body composition analyzer validated against the gold standard recognized by medical science.

Quick Facts

Fast Easy Assessment

The 514 gives you and your patients insights the scale alone cannot. In just under 1 minute you can determine the true body composition of your patient including Fat, Muscle, water, and much more.

Simple Reports

Our easy to read and review reports, uses visual keys and to ensure both patient and practitioners are on the same page. These valuable insights can help keep patient motivated and treatments working!

Patient-Centered Design

The 514 is designed with your patient in mind. We have provided a wider base and fixed handrails to ensure all patients feel comfortable and scure when they step on our device.

Validates against the Gold Standards

Electrodes on Handrail

Integrated with weighing capacity up to 660 lbs

Specialties We Serve

Weight Management
Primary Care
Functional and Integrative Medicine
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